Lessons in Guitar

Voice and Guitar Lessons and Jam Sessions at Nick Molle Music Studio

Voice and Guitar Lessons and Jam Sessions at Nick Molle Music Studio

Do you want to master the strings of the guitar, but can’t yet get the right shapes or pressure from your hands? Do the symbols and markings on the lead sheets  and tabs mystify you? Does the fretboard seem unnavigable? Do you want to take a song you love and play it in a key you can sing better in? Do you want to be able to get a melody that you’ve got in your head down on the strings? Do you want to pursue the dream of being in a band?
With Nick Molle’s Lessons in Guitar, you’ll learn the simple concepts behind playing melodies, solid and plucked chords, and jumping from one to the other at will, as well as the theory behind it so that you may see, hear, and understand the big picture in any piece of music.

By taking lessons with Nick Molle, you’ll gain the tools to learn how to read sheet music, chord charts, and lead sheets, and play the guitar confidently and relaxed on your own, or while accompanying other musicians.

Lessons can be held online, in student homes near San Jose, or at the studio at 1100 Shasta Avenue in San Jose. Lesson times are available every day of the week. You may list open times in the lesson calendar to reserve when you submit your lesson request.

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