Jam Session and Audition Rehearsal

Solo Audition Prep

Solo Audition Prep

Do you enjoy singing or playing your instrument, and would like to collaborate with others?
Do you want to be able to hold your own in a jam session and audition rehearsal?
Do you want to prepare your songs or instrumental solos for an audition with a live accompanist?
With Nick Molle’s collaborative Jam Sessions, you’ll learn how to take cues, improvise, and show off your musicianship skills in a group setting of two or more performers.

Learn how to take the lead in a live performance.

Lessons can be held online, in student homes near San Jose, or at the studio at 1100 Shasta Avenue in San Jose. Lesson times are available every day of the week. You may list open times in the lesson calendar to reserve when you submit your lesson request.

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Learn Your Music for Auditions and Jam SessionsNick Molle is a trained musician, vocalist and piano player. Students can come in with their preferred instrument or play the studio piano to work through songs and pieces and get feedback on technique, styling, accompaniment and leading skills.

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